About Me

My name is Beth Parkins and I love to make edible art! 


I currently live in Folsom, California and am a stay at home mom to two wonderful children.  They are old enough now that I can devote a little bit of my time to a new hobby, cake decorating!


In January 2009 I decided to enroll in some basic Wilton cake decorating classes.  They had always sounded fun to me, and it was a great opportunity for me to do something fun for myself.  I dove in head first and fell in love with it.  I've always been an artistic and creative person, so this was a great opportunity to express myself in a very new way.  Every week we made a new cake and learned a new skill.  I showed my work off to my friends and family and before I knew it I was getting requests!  Things have just taken off from there.


This adventure has been fun and exciting, and I find myself learning something new with every cake that I do.  I would love to include a cake for YOU in my journey as a cake decorator.  I am open to trying anything - I'm always up for a challenge!